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DriveWell: Assess Risk and Encourage Safer Driving

February 27, 2020

Evolve with the Changing Mobility Landscape

Growth in drivers and risks worldwide brings new and unique needs to all players in the mobility industry, from insurers to rideshares to fleets and OEMs. More than ever before, we are connected by the smartphone – making drivers more distracted behind the wheel. At Cambridge Mobile Telematics, we have shifted the paradigm of the smartphone to improve safety rather than generate risk with DriveWell.

DriveWell is a complete mobile telematics and behavioral analytics solution to improve safety in the mobile world. Go beyond existing in this new world, and instead take action by creating a safer and less costly book of business. With DriveWell, you have the tools to gain a true understanding of driver and vehicle risk and then change that risk. You will see the results in your business and the roads you are helping make safer when you use DriveWell to build your telematics solutions.

DriveWell Benefits

  • Accurately assess driver and vehicle behavior
  • Lower losses by making drivers better
  • Increase retention with more positive customer touch points
  • Enhance underwriting and pricing segmentation
  • Enable business solutions like Try Before You Buy, Pay How You Drive, Pay by Distance, and more

DriveWell Product Line

Every company has unique business needs. Our goal was to develop a solution that meets the unique needs of all of our partners. DriveWell products can be used separately or together to develop a user-forward mobile telematics program that is right for your business and drivers.

DriveWell SDK

Collect meaningful sensor data and harness CMT’s expertise in your own app

DriveWell Tag

Collect vehicle and crash data with a wireless, easy-to-install device

DriveWell Score

Measure driver risk with scoring models based on millions of trips and billions of miles

DriveWell Engage

Increase customer engagement and motivate users to improve

DriveWell Fleet

Reduce fleet risk and costs with the mobile phone and DriveWell Tag

The Complete Solution

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