Women in India: “Empowering every woman for excellence at work and life.”

August 25, 2022

Cambridge Mobile Telematics is proud to support a wide variety of Employee Resources Groups (ERGs). ERGs are employee-led groups that aim to raise awareness of issues facing people of a specific interest, race, religion, or sexual identity. Any employee can start an ERG. 

Today, CMT has eight ERGs. And they continue to grow. 

With all the diverse groups at CMT, we wanted to shine a light on the work they’re doing to raise awareness around them and the issues they support.

We’re starting this spotlight with our friends from Chennai, India — The Women in India.

The Women in India started recently, in April of this year. The ERG focuses on empowering female employees to collaborate and continue making CMT a great place to work. 

Their motto is “empowering every woman for excellence at work and life.” 

The ERG’s primary goal is to ensure all women have the resources and exposure to pursue their ambitions. They also focus on providing a safe space for discussing challenges.

To learn more about The Women in India ERG, we caught up with Dhivya Desikan, chairperson of the Women in India.

Our conversation has been edited for brevity and clarity.

CMT: When did the Women in India ERG start? What was your goal when it began? 

Desikan: Women in India ERG started in April 2022.

For a long time now, organizations have been trying to develop a self-sustaining environment where people come together on their own, collaborate, share, and build better solutions for customers.

Women in India is an important forum where people with diverse experiences collaborate, interact, and share their stories — stories that can be powerful enough to spark motivation and passion among their fellow group members. 

Through this work, we focus on empowering employees to collaborate and make CMT a great place to work.

CMT: What’s Women in India’s mission?

Desikan: Our mission is to empower every woman for excellence at work and in life. Our goal is to provide the resources and exposure to help women pursue their ambitions and to provide a safe space for discussing challenges. 

CMT: How does the ERG represent CMT’s values?

Desikan: CMT’s core values are collaboration, creativity, and customer commitment.

We align our mission with CMT’s core values where we collaborate with members across various product groups in CMT, and have regular meetings with women leaders from CMT. The ERG meetings focus on providing opportunities for women to get exposure and think creatively, which can result in products that make customers’ lives better.

CMT: What events and activities do Women in India host?

Desikan: We have monthly meetings. We also invite guest speakers to share their experiences, which is more interactive. We host a series with women leaders at CMT to get their guidance and mentoring. We talk about everything from food to investments. 

CMT: What’s your favorite part about being in Women in India? 

Desikan: We collaborate a lot and we talk about a lot of different things. These conversations inspire many women leaders and spark many new ideas.

And, while it’s exciting to be working with such wonderful women and empowering them, there’s more! We often meet for lunch, gathering and discussing ideas.

But what’s food without fun? The best part of being in the ERG is the fun we have together. We have fun collaborating with each other, brainstorming, and having open and honest conversations.

CMT: How often do you meet and how many members are in the ERG? 

Desikan: The typical approach we take is to meet at least once a month. But like CMT, our ERG culture is also open. While formal meetings happen once a month, we also meet as and when it is needed. Whenever someone has an idea and wants to discuss it, our doors are always open.

As of now, we’re ten people strong. We’re looking to grow even more in the future.