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CMT helps Charge Across America race EVs across the country with safety in mind

November 2, 2021

Cambridge Mobile Telematics is proud to be the official telematics sponsor of Charge Across America, an electric vehicle race spanning from New York City to Los Angeles.

This race, which took off from New York City on Sunday, Oct. 31, will showcase the capabilities of the many kinds of electric vehicles now available and the continent-spanning electric charging network that now serves the United States.

This race is not about speed – it’s about efficiency, planning and getting there safely. And this is where CMT gets involved. Driver teams that speed on the journey across the country are penalized; drivers who drive efficiently by avoiding rapid acceleration, sharp cornering, or harsh braking are rewarded. CMT’s DriveWell platform and IoT Tags are riding along in every racecar to help Charge Across America achieve its goals for a safe and successful race.

Charge Across America highlights how smartphone telematics has an important role to play with the connected car products that are making their way into the market. As automakers explore how best to use the sensor data generated by today’s new vehicles, smartphone telematics has already built an important place in driver safety.

Today, only 10 percent of vehicles on the road are connected; more than 90 percent of drivers have smartphones. There is a great opportunity to melt both sources of data – driver and vehicle – to get a full picture of what’s happening on the road. And, as the Charge Across America race demonstrates, CMT’s DriveWell platform is vehicle agnostic. The race organizers are measuring driver safety and efficiency from our IoT devices in a Ford Mustang Mach-E, a Polestar2, a Volkswagen ID.4 and a Porche Taycan.

Last but not least, CMT is also sponsoring a driving team – the Voltmeisters – helmed by automotive retail veteran Don Brady and venture capitalist and consultant Dennis Taibl. The Voltmeisters are driving a Volkswagen ID.4 – go team!

The Voltmeisters, Dennis Taibl (left) and Don Brady, with their Volkswagen ID.4.