CMT is helping to end distracted driving

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Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) makes roads and drivers safer around the world. CMT pioneered smartphone telematics for behavior-based programs and developed DriveWell, a complete telematics and behavioral analytics solution, providing powerful feedback and incentives to improve driver safety while increasing user engagement.

CMT’s data, based on nearly 1,000 verified real-world crashes, tens of thousands of near crashes, and more than a billion miles of driving with CMT apps, shows drivers in a crash have 3.0x more excessive speeding, 3.4x more phone distraction, and 1.8x more hard braking activity. American drivers, in general, are significantly distracted by their phone on nearly 31% percent of all drives. Moreover, 29% of all phone distractions occur at a dangerously high driving speed of over 56 mph.

cmt-week2-chartDriveWell reduces distracted driving. DriveWell users show a significant and sustained reduction in phone use while driving and in the number of hard braking events. Specifically:
  • The average reduction in phone distraction is 35% in 30 days. The reduction persists even over 180 days.
  • Hard braking reduces by 20%.
  • The mean reductions are noteworthy, but in addition, the top 15% of drivers are distracted by their phone 40% less than the average driver, and have 50% fewer hard braking events.
These improvements don’t just reflect in the numbers, but in real testimonials from our users. Here are a few messages we have received recently:
  • [The app] is a great challenge that I enjoy daily now. There is no question that my driving behavior has been modified knowing that your app is keeping an eye on me!
  • I am amazed at how good this app is technically and beneficially. Thank you for it; I’ve become a better driver with its help.
  • I enjoy the app cause it keeps my mind even more in that space of being mindful of everything I need to do as a driver.
  • I have to admit something that I’m not proud of. I have been a distracted driver. I could come up with excuses as to why, but they would just be lies…. When I started, it was hard to realize that I needed improvement, but the numbers didn’t lie. However, I am happy to report that all my areas of driving have improved and my stress level, on the road, has been drastically reduced! I still have my moments and people that drive slow in the passing lane STILL drive me nuts, but I know I’m a safer driver now and if you practice something long enough, it becomes a habit. Good or bad. Thankfully, this old dog is breaking bad habits and creating good ones and everyone is better for it. This is one of the “badges” I earned, of which I am particularly happy. (I’m actually up to 30 trips without picking up my phone!) Mission Accomplished!
Attach your brand to an important mission: to make roads safer by making drivers better.
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