CMT at the Connected Car Insurance Show, September 7-8, 2016

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Connected-Car-ShowCMT is gearing up for the Connected Car Insurance USA 2016 show in Chicago, September 7-8.  This year’s show promises to be better than ever as the world’s top industry experts come together to discuss telematics, behavior-based and usage-based insurance, big data analytics, and the connected car ecosystem.

If you are attending the show, don’t miss the panel on Day 1, “Royal Rumble: Dongle vs. Mobile vs. Embedded” as top telematics leaders, including CMT’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Hari Balakrishnan, discuss the showdown between the different telematics data sources including dongles, OEM data, blackboxes, and smartphones.  

On Day 2, our Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, and MIT Professor Sam Madden, will be participating on the Juggling Data Sets” panel.  Panelists will share their experiences on understanding the fundamentals of granular data and the opportunities associated with accident reconstruction, advanced analytics, and in-depth driver behavior analytics.  

In addition to his panel, Sam will speak about  Understanding and Changing Driver Behavior Using Sensor Data from Connected Cars.”  During his presentation, he will cover topics highlighting development of new algorithms and platforms to analyze and process highly-detailed, fine-grained mobile sensor data from phones, and additional sensor streams from embedded devices, with an eye towards analyzing driving patterns to discover new trends and insights.

We are excited to co-sponsor this event and look forward to a productive week in Chicago.  Several of us will be at the event; please visit us at the CMT Booth (#19) for exciting demonstrations and discussions. Please also feel free to email us at to learn more about how CMT’s DriveWell Program can help you.  See you in Chicago!