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We help drivers understand and improve their
driving behaviors, resulting in fewer accidents.

Safe driving made fun.

DriveWell™ lets users see their driving in action,
earn rewards, and compete against their friends.

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Make drivers and roads safer around the world
with mobile sensing data and analytics.


Safe drivers are made, not born.

With over 50 million traffic-related injuries each year, road safety is a serious issue.  At Cambridge Mobile Telematics, we make roads safer by making drivers more aware of their driving habits, and helping them become better drivers. With our DriveWell™ smartphone app, each user receives a personalized driving score and individual ratings for each trip.  Through behavior awareness and incentives, most of our users improve their unsafe driving habits within 2 weeks.

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Our patented technology is able to accurately measure both mileage and risky driving. 


Battery drainage is no longer an issue.  Users see less impact than with continuous GPS.  


Our app is fully customizable and allows for engaging content.

Customer Testimonials

"CMT's technology further enhances Discovery Insure's leadership position in the growing industry of behavior-based auto insurance, and we look forward to continuing this partnership."

− Anton Ossip | Chief Executive Officer | Discovery Insure

Introducing a behavior-based solution

DriveWell, a smart choice for auto insurers