Make sense of big mobile data.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics is the leading provider of software to draw inferences from mobile sensor data.

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Cambridge Mobile Telematics provides technology to convert raw sensor data from smartphones, cars, and other mobile devices into accurate inferences about what those devices are doing. Examples include:

  • Inferring the path of a user on a road network from a sequence of noisy or sporadic position estimates, including WiFi, cellular, and GPS observations
  • Inferring the longitudinal and lateral accelerations of a vehicle, as well as its velocity
  • Automatically inferring driving activity
  • Identifying abrupt acceleration, braking, and cornering events.

Our solutions are battery- and bandwidth-efficient. Our accuracy has been validated in the field over millions of miles of real-world driving.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics has expertise in a number of applications of mobile sensing technologies, including usage-based automotive insurance (UBI), automotive telematics, analysis of smartphone application data (inferring device locations and activities), map augmentation, and analysis of cellular positioning data. For our customers, we provide data analysis dashboards that allow users to interact fluidly with massive amounts of sensor data. On the mobile side, we provide a mobile sensing/telematics library for Android and iOS. We also provide complete smartphone-to-cloud solutions for various applications, including UBI and driver safety.

Bill Powers
Founder & CEO

Hari Balakrishnan
Founder & CTO

Sam Madden
Founder & Chief Scientist

Matt Levine
VP Engineering

Dennis Frawley
VP Sales & Bus. Dev.

Lewis Girod
Software & Algorithms

Mike Kellogg
Sales Director

Jonathan Ledlie
Software & Systems

Paresh Malalur
Software & Algorithms

Kathy Osborne
Business Manager

Jun-geun Park
Software & Algorithms

Eugene Shih
Software & Systems

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