Webinar: Automated Crash Reporting Finally Matures

Missed our keynote at the AIR National Conference? No worries. Brian Passell and David Morse are doing an exclusive bonus session.

Thursday, May 5 at 1:00 PM EDT

Session overview

Across Europe, all new cars have an eCall system that automatically reaches out to first responders when a crash occurs. In the United States, new cars all have… floor mats? But the search for automated crash reporting, pioneered years ago by General Motors OnStar but never fully realized in the United States, may finally be arriving. By leveraging the sensors in the ubiquitous cell phone, it is now technologically possible to automatically initiate an accident report. Without a government mandate, such technology won’t become widespread overnight, but automated crash reporting has most certainly moved from concept to reality. In this session, we will explore how maturing software married to advanced hardware has finally come together. What’s more, the same technology driving automated accident reporting will drive a radical shift for the better in insurance claims infrastructure. David Morse of Cambridge Mobile Telematics will explain the art of the possible and Brian Passell, former head of claims at Progressive and a veteran consultant, will explain how automated accident reporting fits into the claims workflow.

Your speakers:

Brian Passell, Managing Partner, Razors Edge Consulting, former Chief Claims Officer for Progressive

David Morse, Chief Commercial Officer, Cambridge Mobile Telematics

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