The Safest Driver in Los Angeles

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Here She Is, the Safest Driver in Los Angeles

By Ethan Varian
Published Oct. 1, 2019

LOS ANGELES — If you can navigate the maze of roads and freeways in this city and choose not to break a single traffic law, congratulations. You deserve a prize.

That prize could have been $20,000, in fact, if you had enrolled in the first L.A.’s Safest Driver contest this summer.

Deborra Sarei, 46, a resident of Downey, Calif., who takes the 105 to the 605 to Lakewood each morning to drop off her daughter at school, knew she was up to the two-month challenge. She faced off against 11,500 other entrants who reside in, or drive in and near, the city of Los Angeles. They participated by letting a mobile app spy on them behind the wheel to track phone distraction, speed, braking, acceleration and cornering.