Get back on the road fast.

When you’re on the road, anything is possible. With Gemini, a new dual-camera solution, you have a trusted ally that can help you tell your side of the story when the unexpected occurs.
You are in control of whether or not video gets sent to Uber, and you control personal time video recording
Integration with Uber helps you easily send relevant footage without taking time off the road to find the right footage to send
Automatic video capture during a crash on personal time can help you prove you’re not at fault, if you decide to turn this on

In a crash while online with Uber?

Gemini makes it quick and easy to send the relevant video to Uber, without taking time off the road to find the right footage to send.

In a crash on your personal time?

Simply view and share road-facing video if you need to prove you’re not at fault.

Reporting a rider incident?

When you report the incident in the Uber app, check a box to have the relevant video footage sent to Uber.

Received a rider complaint?

Gemini provides an option to automatically send relevant video footage to Uber to tell your side of the story.

Got an unruly rider?

Having a Gemini device in the vehicle can help keep riders on their best behavior during trips.

In partnership with Uber, Cambridge Mobile Telematics is looking for drivers to try out this new product and give feedback so that it’s as helpful as possible for drivers like you. Interested?

Yes! I want to sign up to receive a Gemini device.

Please note: due to the limited number of available Gemini devices and large amount of interest, we will only be able to send devices to a select few drivers on a first come first serve basis.

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