Our Culture

We are committed to a culture of collaboration, creativity, customer commitment, diversity and inclusion.

Working Together at CMT

CMTers are intellectually curious and ask the right questions; eager to learn new things; and enjoy working with other people to up with elegant solutions to difficult problems.

-Hari Balakrishnan , CMT Co-founder and CTO


We work together, ask questions, and challenge each other to deliver the best outcomes.

“The CMT Team is the best I’ve ever worked with. I’ve been able to both advance my career by learning from so many great people as well as have a positive impact on the world. It’s not easy finding a team that has all those qualities.”

—Andrew Baughns, Senior Software Engineer


We apply creative thinking to all our work, forging new paths
to solve complicated problems.

“I love being able to help design products that are making the world a safer place in a culture where people genuinely care about one another and work together as a team.”

—James Penswick, Director of Design

Customer Commitment

We put our customers first and treat them as partners in
improving road safety worldwide.

“It’s exciting to know we’re behind the scenes supporting some of the biggest companies and have the opportunity to really change what safety, mobility and security mean for people all over the world.”

—Holly Olp, Customer Success Manager

Diversity and Inclusion

At CMT, we are intensifying our commitment to provide opportunities and career growth to the underrepresented. We are focused on creating an inclusive work environment that encourages a diversity of background and thought to produce the best products and services within our industry.

We are actively seeking partnership and mentorship opportunities. A few of our current initiatives include:

  • Partnering with career development groups like Black Women in Technology, Black Tech Link and others.
  • Training students from diverse backgrounds interested in engineering, computer science and technology.
  • Mentoring local minority entrepreneurs and startup leaders.

The CMT Family at Work

We're always looking for talented new teammates!

Kamaiu Johnson, Brand Ambassador

Professional golfer Kamaiu Johnson is a member of the CMT team, working as a brand ambassador. He brings our shared values of hard work, perseverance, and boundless enthusiasm to his efforts on the golf course.

Read Kamaiu’s story on the Players’ Tribune here.


Why should you intern at CMT?

“You’ll be in a great working environment with people who very much want you to feel comfortable, very much want to listen to you, and want you to grow and get better.”
Alex Bahner, IoT Intern, Summer 2020

The Global Leader in Telematics

CMT has offices in:

Cambridge, Massachusetts — London, United Kingdom

Chennai, India — Tokyo, Japan — Milan, Italy