Automobile injuries and crashes — 50 million annually — are a serious worldwide problem. At Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT), our mission is to make the world’s roads safer using mobile sensing and IoT, machine learning, and behavioral science. We have developed DriveWell, a complete telematics and behavioral analytics solution, to improve safety for the connected car world. DriveWell provides actionable insights on driver behavior and vehicle dynamics to auto insurers, fleets, auto makers, wireless carriers, and government agencies, and is being used successfully by over 25 customers on 6 continents.

Founded in 2010 by two MIT professors and experienced entrepreneurs, CMT pioneered telematics for behavior-based insurance (BBI) and deployed the first solution to provide both traditional vehicle-centric UBI and BBI. With over a billion miles of driving data, CMT has a proven record of changing driver behavior: an average reduction of 35% in phone distraction, 20% in hard braking, and 20% in at-risk speeding all within less than 30 days of using the program. With DriveWell, insurers report fast customer growth (e.g., 2x growth rate compared to earlier), lower loss ratios (e.g., 34% lower crash rates, 19% less-severe claims, and 10% lower loss ratio compared to blackboxes), and greater customer retention rates.

We have an outstanding team of experts in mobile sensing and IoT, machine learning, big data analytics, and statistics. We work on several innovative technologies and products that are changing the insurance and connected-vehicle ecosystem:

Accurate inference of vehicle dynamics and driver distraction from mobile device sensors in arbitrary and changing orientations

Best-in-class battery-efficiency combined with best-in-class trip recording accuracy and precision telematics

Powerful behavior feedback and incentives to improve driver safety while increasing user interaction and engagement

Special features for vehicle fleets to optimize fleet utilization, safety, and productivity

Accurate assessment of predictive risk factors and customizable scoring models based on billions of miles of data and a multitude of real-world crashes

Innovative place-and-go wireless IoT device to augment smartphone sensors, providing accurate scoring even when phone is absent

Behavioral analytics that automatically infers “driver” vs. “passenger” trips as well as other modes of transportation

Accurate crash detection and robust crash forensics

Awards & Recognition

TU-Automotive Best Auto Digital Insurance Product/Service award for DriveWell (2018)
CMT’s CTO, Hari Balakrishnan, was named a “digital insurance innovator to watch” by Digital Insurance (2018)
Ptolemus ranked CMT the #1 smartphone-based telematics service provider, as well as the fastest growing telematics solution provider in the world (2018)
Celent Award for Innovation and Emerging Technologies for Discovery app developed by CMT (2018)
Celent Award for Innovation and Emerging Technologies for Desjardins Ajusto app developed by CMT (2016)